Inspired Teaching

Welcome to the Inspired Teaching team site. This will be a place where we post and link to new content dedicated to helping inspire you to become a better teacher, supervisor, and faculty member.

Inspired Teaching Concepts

Virtual Virtuosity

This recorded workshop provides the opportunity for learners to articulate a framework for auditing your online learning environments to see if there are any missing gaps; describe good practices for teaching synchronously and asynchronously; identify tools and resources for teaching online.

Clinical Skills in the Virtual World 

This panel discusses how to teach clinical skills to junior learners (e.g. pre-licensure trainees like medical students, physiotherapy students, midwifery students, etc..) so that they can be prepared for their future rotations and careers.

Teaching & Supervising Junior Learners in Virtual Patient Care Settings 

This MacPFD event focused on teaching & supervision of junior learners in Virtual Patient Care (VPC) settings. 

Digital Learning Environments

Intro to Slack 

This MacPFD event focused on teaching you one of the most popular collaborative workspace applications. We held this event in order to help you to better communicate with your team, share, organize, and edit files without having to download and upload.

Getting Started with Video Recording 

This MacPFD event focused on how to create quality video recordings to share with your audience in a variety of learning environments.

Getting Started with Audio Recording

This MacPFD event focused on how to create quality audio recordings to share with your audience in a variety of learning environments

Ready to Go Mobile? Creating Your First App

This MacPFD event focused on how to develop a mobile application for use in healthcare or academics.

Social Media Engagement Strategies

Rituals for Social Media to Amplify Your Professional Life

This MacPFD event focused on how to use social media in the workplace effectively.

Social Media and the Healthcare Professional

This MacPFD event focused on how to use social media in healthcare settings.

Social Media 101

This MacPFD event focused on introducing various social media for use in the workplace.

Using Twitter Effectively to Network & Collaborate

This MacPFD event focused on using Twitter to network as a professional.

Online Teaching

Online Teaching Fundamentals Series

 💻 Delivered virtually on the following dates:

1) Session 1: Practical Tips to Help You Succeed
📅 Wednesday, April 15th. 2020
2) Session 2: Zoom-in' Teaching Scenarios
📅 Tues., June 2, 2020
3)  Session 3: Team-in' Up for Education
📅 Fri., June 26th, 2020

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Feedback & Assessment

Simulation Debrief Training

Join as healthcare professionals between McMaster University and the University of Waterloo discuss methods for debriefing from high fidelity simulations. 

Coaching in the Health Professions

During this webinar, you will discover the definition of a coach and try to understand the relationship between coaching and feedback as it applies to the development of medical trainees.

Giving Great Feedback

During this webinar, you will learn to identify characteristics of effective feedback, define Advocacy-Inquiry as a technique for providing feedback, and apply Advocacy-Inquiry technique with standardized learners in a simulated interaction.

Health Professions Assessment in a Post-Covid19 World

During this webinar, you will learn to describe the challenges that virtual assessments present (including validity, security, utility, cost), name at least one digital strategy that they might attempt in their local teaching environment, and weigh the benefits and risks of various modalities that might be used for assessment.

The Learning Environment

Games, Gamification, and Serious Games for Health Professions Educators

During this recorded webinar, you will explore how to teach health professional educators the benefits of using games and gamification in the educational setting.

JiTT/Resident as Teacher: The App

This MacPFD14 event explored how to engage with the JiTT App by downloading it to their mobile device, and value infographics as a preferable way to present information. 

PBL Bootcamp: Advanced Problem-Based Learning

This recorded event explored how to describe the basic principles and techniques of problem-based learning in health professional education, apply best practice virtual facilitation skills to PBL tutorials, and develop an approach to difficult scenarios during tutorials.

Psychological Safety and the Clinical Learning Environment

This recorded event explored how to define psychological safety and discuss how this concept relates to medical education and the clinical learning environment, describe the “emotional risks” that are inherent to learning and how “impression management” influences the risks learners do or do not take, and discuss strategies for creating psychological safety in the clinical learning environment. 

Shame & Sentinel Emotional Events in Medical Learners

This recording explores the experience of shame in medical learners, events related to patient care, learning, and assessment that can trigger shame and the individual and environmental factors that can contribute to it. 

Research Supervision: A How-to Workshop

This recording explores methods on how to design and conduct research/QI projects with the learners and provide research supervision.

The Learning Environment: COVID-19

With the recent changes in the way we have to teach within the age of COVID-19, we've curated some interesting content to help you develop your online teaching skills.

How Health Professions Education Goes Virtual: A Mini Series

Digital Connection Tool Overviews

Clinical Learning Environments

The clinical learning environment can often be at the mercy of external pressures. Here are some resources that might be useful to you:

Classroom Learning Environments

Classroom teaching can be a challenge - engagement can be tricky. Check out some resource bundles we've created below:

Spark Podcast Episodes

Nursing Education (starts at 10:37)

Tips for Junior Faculty II | Pain and Pleasure of Writing

Coaching (starts at 16:28)

Graceful Self Promotion

Serious Games & Gamification

Transitioning the MD Program

Social Media Panel

Feedback in Simulation

Improving Problem-Based Learning

History of the Midwifery Program

Teaching Junior Learners (starts at 18:24)

Additional Resources

Peer Observation of Teaching (POT)

This project provides support to schools, programs and departments of the Faculty of Health Sciences in developing and launching peer observation and coaching initiatives.

Resources for Problem Based Learning (PBL)