Inspired Teaching

Welcome to the Inspired Teaching team site. This will be a place where we post and link to new content dedicated to helping inspire you to become a better teacher, supervisor, and faculty member.

Digital Learning Environments

With the recent changes in the way we have to teach within the age of COVID-19, we've curated some interesting content to help you develop your online teaching skills.

How Health Professions Education Goes Virtual: A Mini Series

Digital Connection Tool Overviews

  • Microsoft Teams - A McMaster endorsed product for connecting your team.

  • Slack - A popular freemium product for connecting your team.

Practical Virtual Teaching

Online Teaching Fundamentals

Clinical Learning Environments

The clinical learning environment can often be at the mercy of external pressures. Here are some resources that might be useful to you:

Classroom Learning Environments

Classroom teaching can be a challenge - engagement can be tricky. Check out some resource bundles we've created below:

Peer Observation of Teaching (POT)

This project provides support to schools, programs and departments of the Faculty of Health Sciences in developing and launching peer observation and coaching initiatives.

Resources for Problem Based Learning (PBL)