Workshop Abstract

Giving Great Feedback

How might we foster better learning conversations around feedback? Perhaps approaches from the simulation literature may be of inspiration to you?
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Original Presenters: X. Catherine Tong, Sharon Bal, Krista Dowhos, Aaron Geekie-Sousa CHSE, Isla McPherson, Quang Ngo.

The recorded session is presented primarily by Dr. Quang Ngo.



Feedback is essential in the learners’ journey to achieve expertise. Providing high quality feedback is one of the most important competencies of a clinical teacher. Teachers’ understanding of the essential elements of good feedback can make a significant difference in the learners’ development and the teachers’ own satisfaction in their teaching role. For this reason, how to give good feedback is a perennial favourite topic according to needs assessment in faculty development. The Advocacy-Inquiry(A-I) model of feedback and debrief has been well described in the faculty development literature. Unfortunately, very few teachers benefit from direct observation of their feedback technique in a safe and simulated environment.

Our Approach and Instructional Method:

In this workshop, we provide a background on elements of effective feedback, and review the A-I feedback technique. We then allocate the majority of our time to work through several feedback exercises with participants to practice the A-I technique. We start with a simple and low-stakes exercise to clarify the technique. We then introduce actors who are trained as standardized patients and standardized learners to showcase 2-3 typical clinical encounters. The cases are written to illustrate common challenging scenarios in feedback, including issues of professionalism and learners lacking insight. Participants are invited to take turns to provide feedback to the standardized learner using the A-I technique. If we run this session more than once, we could alternate the cases used in each workshop or afford more opportunities for practice.


Giving learner feedback is one of the most important tasks of the clinician teacher. Our team aims to provide a rare opportunity for participants to review and practice the A-I technique in a safe and simulated environment. Participants will leave this workshop with valuable simulated experience in giving feedback effectively, especially in more challenging scenarios.