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Ruth Chen RN, PhDAssistant Dean, Faculty DevelopmentFaculty of Health SciencesAssociate Professor School of Nursing

Program For Faculty Development

The McMaster Program for Faculty Development was established in the 1980s to support the growth and development of faculty members within the Faculty of Health Sciences. We are part of a network of faculty development programs across the three McMaster campuses, including Hamilton (MacPFD), Niagara (NRC), and Waterloo (WRC). Our teams are comprised of faculty from all campuses, which allows us greater diversity and reach for our activities.

During the Spring of 2020 the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) office was created, having been formed through the amalgamation of the Continuing Health Sciences Education Program, the Program for Faculty Development, and the Learning Technologies Lab.

Our vision is to grow our faculty into a community of educators, innovators, scientists, and clinician-leaders to advance health professions education by supporting them in their own growth. Led by  Dr. Ruth Chen, the Assistant Dean of the Program for Faculty Development, this unit is comprised of teams of volunteers who organize activities (both virtual and in-person), create content (podcasts, infographics, written materials, etc.), and engage in a community of practice around faculty development.

Resources for Support in Health Sciences Education at McMaster

McMaster University has several resources available if you’re looking for support in health sciences education.

One such resource is the McMaster Education Research, Innovation & Theory Program (MERIT), which is dedicated to advancing health professions education through research and applied science. MERIT provides a community for scientists and clinicians who are interested in the science of teaching and learning. They hold weekly events and are available to provide support for educational innovations.

The Office of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is another available resource. CPD supports the development of educational tools and opportunities that help advance health professions’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes. McMaster CPD is made up of:

Additionally, the MacPherson Institute is a main campus resource that supports teaching and learning in university education. They can assist with curriculum design and best practices in small and large groups or virtual teaching.

Overall, whether you’re a scientist, clinician, health professional, or educator, there are a variety of resources available at McMaster University to help support your educational endeavours.

By taking advantage of these resources, you can advance your knowledge and skills in health professions education and continue to make a positive impact in your field.

Annual Report 2019-2020