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Welcome to the Leadership & Management team site. This will be a place where we post and link to new content dedicated to helping inspire you to become a better leader, manager, or administrator.

Leadership & Management Concepts

Leadership CHAT Series

CHAT stands for Conversations in Healthcare, Academia, and Teaching. This is a group-based discussion program that will feature key topics set for by a unified group of organizers on a given them. This version of the CHAT program was a series that focused on common issues encountered by leaders in the FHS.

Negotiations 101

Presented by various members of the Leadership and Management team, this provides a series of potential situations and vignettes to employ and strategize in a negotiation setting.

Challenges in Diagnostic Medicine

Presented by Dr. Sandra Monteiro on behalf of Dr. Jonathan Sherbino, this provides strategies for clinicians to reduce diagnostic error in their practice.

Integrating Self-Care As We Work

Presented by Dr. Mary Elliot, this provides some insight into practices of self-care in the work environment and provides tools to better manage oneself.

Lessons Learned in Moving Health Education Online

Presented by Dr. Teresa Chan and Charles Prober, this webinar outlines the key lessons learned from the medical education adaptations during the COVID-19 pandemic and examines how e-learning is used to support partners in developing economies.

Optimizing Our New Working Practice: 3 Strategies for WFH (Working-From-Home)

Presented by Jennifer Kanapicki Comer, this helps you organize your physical and digital WFH space to optimize your productivity, establish good habits to combat distractions in the WFH environment, and institute a ritual for unplugging to create a clear boundary between work and home.

Leadership 101: Leading Self and Others
Presented by Dr. Anne Wong, this provides a basic guide to core concepts required of all people, regardless of the official title they hold.

A Day in Coaching & Mentorship
Presented by Dr. Richard Winters of the Mayo Clinic, this is a useful set of interactive videos that help you build your skills as a leader who can coach and mentor others from that perspective.

Social Media 101: A Video for Leaders
Dr. Sharon Bal explains how she uses social media for health advocacy and engagement on key healthcare issues. This link will take you to 3 different takes on how leadership fits within the academy - Dr. Bal's is the third installment.

COVID-19 Resource Hub for Faculty
Check out this link from the McMaster FHS Office of Faculty Affairs. It has many useful resources for those who are leaders within our group.

Strategic Foresight - Recorded at #MacPFD13
Presented by Dr. Sean Park & Nicole Knibb take us through how to think about and strategize for the future.

MacPFD Leadership & Management Essentials: Negotiations
Presented by the MacPFD Leadership & Management team, this video provides an overview of the components of negotiation.

Spark Podcast Episodes

Introducing the Podcast

Women in Academia | Founding Fathers

Sponsorship and Mentorship

Bringing New Life to Meetings | Leadership Development

Indigenous Health

Healthcare Leadership

Trans Health Advocacy | Parental Leave

Politics as a Physician

Avoiding Procrastination

Leadership in Post-Grad Education (starts at 14:54)

The Health Leadership Academy | Leadership Development

Implementing Equity in Society

Women's Chat - Getting to 'We' (starts at 14:42)

An Anthropologist Walks into a Hospital

Selecting the Best Leaders (starts at 28:41)

Mentorship in Academic Healthcare

Reflections on Leadership

Anatomy of a Meeting

Leadership & Management Concepts: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

CHAT Series: Women in Academia
Each of the below topics were discussed at our inaugural Conversations in Healthcare, Academia, and Teaching sessions in the Fall of 2020. The recordings provide an overview of each topic.

1) Building Your Squad: Sponsorship, Mentorship & Allyship 

2) Getting to ‘We’: Collaborating & Championing Each Other

3) You Belong Here: Navigating Imposter Syndrome

4) Intersectionality: Diversity of Perspectives
Discussant: Dr. Ming-Ka Chan
Discussant: Dr. Saroo Sharda

Empathetic Leadership
This webinar is offered by the Organizational Development team in Human Resources Services to support people leaders as part of the Return to McMaster Oversight Committee recommendations. 

FHS Women's Symposium

Presented by the various members in the Faculty of Health Sciences, this provides unique insights, discussions, and keynotes on workplace experiences in healthcare settings as women.

With Special Guest: Dr. Joshua Ellis (Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard University)

This video is narrated and written by Dr. Sonia Anand, the McMaster FHS Department of Medicine's Associate Chair of Equity & Diversity.

Presented by guest Dr. Javeed Sukhera (Western University).