Leadership & Management

Leadership 101:
Leading Self and Others

Originally aired on June 2nd, 2020 from 9:00am – 11:00am EDT

This Do-It-Yourself digital workshop explore concepts of leadership, focusing on examining one's values, strengths and purpose as an integral starting point for leadership. Components that are needed for effectively leading others will be discussed.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to

  1. Conceptualise what leadership means to you

  2. Discuss components of effective leadership

  3. Identify your values and strengths as a leader

  4. Apply your strengths to commit to one small leadership step

Dr. Anne Wong (@annekwong) is Professor and Associate Chair of Education in the Department of Anesthesia and Director of the FHS Academic Leadership Program. She served as the Assistant Dean, Program for Faculty Development at McMaster University for the past seven years. She is a member of the Research Advisory Board at the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society and a past Editorial Board Member at the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia.


How to use this module

Dr. Wong was kind enough to share her wisdom and allow us to archive this event to share with you! What we would suggest is that you engage with the videos as if you were actually attending the event.What you need to run this workshop for yourself:
  • An even number of people willing to engage with each other;
  • Access to the internet, specifically YouTube.
  • A copy of the Word Document handout (Click here to download)
  • About 2 hours of time

Ideally, you can partner up to engage with each other after you watch the videos together. Then, within your small group, you can partner up to engage in various activities with in the videos. Essentially, you can run your own little break out group and coach/mentor/help each other!

Main Video

This is the main video for the workshop. You can simply hit play and then follow the instructions. Along the way, Dr. Wong does play other videos, but instead of splicing them in (which would violate copyright), we have identified the spots where in the workshop she played the other videos with a still frame of the video, and a QR code if you would like to watch it on a second screen like your smart phone.

The handouts and the accompanying videos are all aggregated just below here for your convenience:

Leadership Quotes Handout

Click here to download the handout with quotes for this first activity.

First Integrated Video

Derek Sivers - TED Talk - How to Start a Movement

Click here to watch this video when you see the screen to your left during the main video.

Run time: 3 minutes

Second Integrated Video

Simon Sinek - TED Talk - Start With Why

Click here to watch this video when you see the screen to your left during the main video.

Run time: 5 minutes

Third Integrated Video

John Quelch - 7 C's of Crisis Management

Click here to watch this video when you see the screen to your left during the main video.

Run time: 6.5 minutes


Click here to download the worksheet for the last activity for the module.

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