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Development for Faculty Developers

As a faculty development person, you need development too! In this section we will be providing some useful links to faculty development resources that you might enjoy. These have been created or curated by Dr. Chan to help you with your development journey.

  • ALiEM MEdIC Series ( - This series was created by Dr. Chan and a team of educators. It features a series of nearly 50 cases that face clinical faculty commonly. They are written for an emergency medicine crowd (that's the website it's hosted on), but the cases should resonate with many groups. Each case has objectives, guided questions, and expert commentaries you can use to scaffold your debriefing. It also has a Curated Commentary based on online discussions that emerged when the case first launched - to help you anticipate what other faculty might see and hear. Check them out.

  • AMEE 2020 Best Practices (Click here to view video) - Dr. Chan was invited to speak at the AMEE conference (which was virtual this year). She collaborated with 4 other amazing faculty developers from around the world to present this plenary session.


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Develop a New Program (For Faculty & Staff Leads)

If you are a faculty or staff lead (AD CHSE, AD FacDev, AD CPD, CPD Manager, Program Coordinator) helping to develop a new offering, the resources we have for this are at this Google Doc.