Education Support

Resources for Support in Health Sciences Education at McMaster

McMaster University has several resources available if you’re looking for support in health sciences education.

One such resource is the McMaster Education Research, Innovation & Theory Program (MERIT), which is dedicated to advancing health professions education through research and applied science. MERIT provides a community for scientists and clinicians who are interested in the science of teaching and learning. They hold weekly events and are available to provide support for educational innovations.

The Office of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is another available resource. CPD supports the development of educational tools and opportunities that help advance health professions’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes. McMaster CPD is made up of:

Additionally, the MacPherson Institute is a main campus resource that supports teaching and learning in university education. They can assist with curriculum design and best practices in small and large groups or virtual teaching.

Overall, whether you’re a scientist, clinician, health professional, or educator, there are a variety of resources available at McMaster University to help support your educational endeavours.

By taking advantage of these resources, you can advance your knowledge and skills in health professions education and continue to make a positive impact in your field.