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Leadership Infographic:
It's not all Doom and Zoom

Credit to all authors below (listed alphabetically):

Whitney Burse, Nancy Carter, Zain Chagla, Teresa Chan,  Mark Crowther,
Pam Elmhirst, Dale Kalina, Karen Saperson, Mark Walton, Anne Wong.

Originally Published November 16, 2020
*Revised November 23, 2020*

It's been many months of working with social distancing and pandemic protocols and we're all feeling a bit exhausted. Some of us have spent hundreds of hours on Zoom or other teleconferencing software.

Although COVID-19 has changed our workflows, there are still some ways to find a way to connect with your team members and staff.  A number of leaders from across FHS have contributed to this below tip sheet.

At the McMaster FHS, your team's mental health and physical safety are equally important. Here are some suggestions on how to change things up during this pandemic period. We asked our leaders to send their tips!

1. Strategies for Mitigating Digital Fatigue

2. Get Outside (Weather permitting! Dress warmly!)

3. Foster Connection (Yes, even digitally!)

4. Rejuvenate Yourself. Treat Yourself.

5. Target Your Interventions

And, that's a wrap for another quick hit from the @MacPFD team. Stay tuned for The Supportive Leader: Creating Effective Team Conversations During COVID-19 for more strategies and tools to use.