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Intro to Microsoft Teams 

By Lisa Colizza, MEd, (@lisa_colizza)
Originally Published, July 21, 2020

So what’s all the buzz about MS Teams?? If you’d like to have a collaborative workspace where you can keep up to date on work you’re doing with others, share, organize, and edit files without having to download and upload, chat privately or schedule a group meeting with a colleague, student, or others on a ‘team’ - you’ll find this short webinar helpful.  Learn more about how MS Teams can help you achieve your work goals and save some time. Get connected!

Looking to get started with MS Teams?   So you’ve discovered Teams is a great tool that can help you organize and collaborate with others to get work done and you want to join a team or create a Team. This short webinar offers tips and tricks to get you going with this free tool and its many useful features. Available in your MS Office 365 account. Your Team is waiting!

Why MS Teams (part 1)

How MS Teams (part 2)

Lisa Colizza, MEd, (@lisa_colizza)  is the Educational Lead Developer and Competency-Based Medical Education Co-Lead in Post Graduate Medical Education at McMaster University. Lisa has extensive experience in health professional and medical education and has an interest in technology-enhanced teaching and learning. Lisa can be found in the CBME Office where she supports all aspects of CBME implementation, including faculty and learner development. program evaluation, and quality improvement. Lisa is excited to promote opportunities for scholarship during this historic shift to a competency-based framework in medical education globally. When not on one of her devices, Lisa enjoys a variety of sports, painting, and photography.