Workshop Abstract

MacEmerg Podcast

Podcast Bootcamp for Health Professions Educators

MacEmerg Team Members
(Presenters are starred*):
Kevin Dong*, Joana Dida*, Maroof Khalid, Michelle Murdock, Teresa Chan*, Brendon Trotter*, Spencer Sample*


The Problem:

Podcast development is a novel and increasingly used mode of information dissemination and knowledge translation in medical and clinical education. In order for our educators and scholars to be up-to-date with the modern trends, we need to become adept and able to create and produce quality podcasts. Currently, many individuals do not know how to make them or when created, podcasts are produced without formal methods, which often leads to low-quality production.

Our Approach:

MacEmerg Podcast is a locally created podcast by a team of medical educators designed to disseminate medical education and clinical knowledge to listeners linked to McMaster University. Created in 2018, our team is highly trained and functioning group of individuals producing good quality podcasts for knowledge translation. Our goal is to share our experience and expertise with future and current leaders interested in using podcasts as a means to distribute information.

Instructional methods:

We hope to provide a virtual demonstrations on podcast creation, design, editing, software/hardware, and promotion/publishing for our audience. Our goal is to provide both large group and small group workshop approaches to provide an immersive introductory experience for our learners. Additionally, we hope that by sharing our experiences in the past year, it will jumpstart future podcasters in their next endeavours. Lastly, we are planning to create a formal podcast bootcamp and we hope to use this opportunity as a pilot for this project.