Workshop Abstract

Using Twitter Effectively to Build a Network and Collaborate

Do you know how to use Twitter professionally? 

Let these two experts guide you to rethink your social media presence!

Sharon Bal & Lina Duque


Part 1 by Dr. Sharon Bal

Part 2 by Lina Duque

The Problem:

How to Use Twitter Effectively to Build a Network and Collaborate

Our Approach:

Social media is a powerful tool for educators to raise their professional profile, build a network of peers (CoP), and collaborate on projects of shared interest. This workshop will teach participants how to use Twitter strategically as both a networking and professional development tool by sharing practical tactics, providing powerful examples and allowing for active practise in a hands-on tweeting activity. Workshop participants will learn how to drive engagement and maximize their impact online.

Instructional Methods:

Workshop facilitators will employ active learning strategies to demonstrate core content through personal stories and demonstration of tactics that drive engagement. Participants will apply this information through a hands-on tweeting activity while facilitators troubleshoot and offer real-time feedback.