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How to design Quizzes for different assessment needs?

Digital strategies for quiz design to accommodate different assessment needs:

Formative assessment is designed for learning outcomes that measure how well students can use the information at their disposal to solve problems or carry out task within a short period of time (e.g. half a day to two days).

Students participate in the task within a short period of time and access to resources and explore solutions. The assessment can be designed as take home quiz, essay type home quiz, Micro teaching, debate, interview (oral exam verbal response to questions) on the LMS, group/individual presentation, discussion group (for oral assessment), etc.

Summative Assessment is designed for measuring whether students are meeting certain standards, providing information for accreditation, comparing students’ performance with a given population, and checking the student’s length and depth of learning achievement.

Conduct a closed-book assessment within a short time frame. The assessment can be designed in a selected-response format, e.g. Midterm/final written exam, proctored via Zoom and Respondus, randomized problem statements, quizzes, timed problem questions, lab practical, etc.

The Quiz is a very powerful activity that can meet many teaching needs, from simple, multiple-choice knowledge tests to complex, self-assessment tasks with detailed feedback. Multiple attempts are suggested to motivate learners to explore the answers with peers and learning materials. Quiz can be integrated with other learning tools for knowledge check. Perusall is a social learning tool for students to navigate PDFs, websites, videos, images, and Podcasts. Learners can engage in collaborative learning experiences by annotating the materials with peers and teachers. Perusall can also auto-grade students’ participation and assign grades automatically in the Moodle grade book. You can facilitate the reading tasks in Perusall followed by a quiz for knowledge checking. The combination of the Perusall and Quiz will provide an extrinsic incentive for students to achieve the learning outcomes related to remembering and understanding.

Steps to create a quiz:

To change any of these defaults, and for more information on configuring your quiz, click here to view the official documents of Moodle.

Steps to create/ add questions for a quiz:

Watch the video below to know more the quiz settings.

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