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How to create H5P with Content bank?

Digital strategies for interactive H5P:

H5P is a powerful tool to turn a relatively flat lesson into an engaging and interactive experience. It can be used for quiz questions, graphics with hot spots, moving content and more. There are numerous interactive content types already available through H5P. Plus, there is a community of creators making new tools and sharing them. You can also turn to that active community whenever you need help. H5P can be used with Moodle with a minimal amount of initial setup time. Then, you can create and manage your interactive content with ease.

For summative assessment, such as exams, it is recommended for security reasons to use the Quiz activity rather than H5P.

Steps to create a H5P:

For more information, see Content bank.

Steps to create an in-video quiz with Content bank:

Watch and try the video below to experience the H5P interactive video.

Steps to add the H5P video in a course:

Watch the video below to know more the H5P settings and click here to access the H5P support document from Moodle.

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