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How to collect feedback for your course with Questionnaire and Feedback?

Digital strategies for evaluating your course:

Evaluation of teaching needs can provide valuable opportunities about teacher’s inquiry into student learning. The feedback provided, whether positive or critical, can help instructors improve their courses and polish their teaching methods during or after the semester.

Formative evaluations are used to evaluate a course or a program’s development which includes materials, exercises, and overall instructional design.

Summative evaluations are used to measure a course or a program’s success which includes measuring whether the design and implementation helped improve learning results.

You can conduct a formative evaluation by running a pilot program so you can fine-tune the course before rolling it out. You may learn that the instructions for a specific activity confused learners and what need to be revised. A summative evaluation could provide key statistics about the course once you rolled it out.

Steps to create a questionnaire:

For details of questionnaire settings, please refer to the support document from Moodle.

Feedback Versus Questionnaire:

You can also use Feedback to collect their comments and improve their course experience. Both Feedback and Questionnaire activities are easy to setup by teachers. However, there are differences between both tools. You can use the Questionnaire to encourage the students to complete a questionnaire by awarding them a grade upon completion. The Feedback activity is not graded. Different question types are supported by each.

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