MERIT ReThink Seed Grant 2022

MERIT has generously offered up to 2 grants of $3000 CAD each ($6000 CAD total) to support new initiatives aligned with our conference theme of ReThinking Clinical Reasoning.

Application information can be found here

Submission deadline of June 15, 2022. 

A New Way to Conference: the ReThink Conference

ReThink Clinical Reasoning Conference

Join us to explore how we can change the way we think about clinical reasoning.

February 16, 2022 (10am-4pm ET)

 💻This will be a (mostly) Zoom virtual event, augmented by Sophya Spaces

A New Kind of Conference

The ReThink conference started with big ideas, drawing from multiple disciplines.  We invite you to join us and explore ways to implement these ideas. 

Expand your research and professional network by engaging with a multidisciplinary group of scientists, clinicians, and educators to design the future of clinical reasoning.

Conference Domains

The Conference Domains

There are four domains that will be the themes for our conference. Each is an examination of how clinical reasoning intersects with another key aspect of our society. 

What has been done already?

Our organizing committee has recruited 3 writing teams to identify the critical factors that impact clinical reasoning now and in the future. Our social justice writing team is focused on the systemic challenges faced by patients in receiving equitable attention and resources in the clinical reasoning process.  Our health systems writing team is focused on highlighting the importance of the context guiding patients to access healthcare services. Our technology writing team is focused on the potential for artificial intelligence and computer supports to modify, maybe even improve, the clinical reasoning process. 

& Clinical Reasoning

Discussion Team Leads:

Dr. Laura Zwann
Dr. Matthew Sibbald

Health Systems
& Clinical Reasoning

Discussion Team Leads:

Dr. Andrew Olson
Dr. Shawn Mondoux

Social Justice
& Clinical Reasoning

Discussion Team Leads:

Dr. Al'ai Alvarez
Dr. Leslie Martin

& Clinical Reasoning

Conference Leads:

Dr. Catherine Tong
Dr.  Sandra Monteiro


We are delighted to welcome the following presenters who are sharing their work with the world via our virtual abstract gallery entries below. Please feel free to click, view, and enjoy their work. At the end of our day there will be an opportunity to meet with all of our authors in our Virtual Exhibit Hall hosted on the SoWork Platform.

Abstract 1:

AI-powered Clinical Decision Support Technology in a Virtual Patient Case

Venkatesh et al.

Queen Mary University of London (UK)
University of Oxford (UK)
University of Nottingham (UK)

Abstract 2:

The use of Bedside White Boards as a communication tool in the General Pediatric wards at the Royal Hospital:

AlSawafi et al.

Royal Hospital (Oman)
Oman Medical Specialty Board (Oman)
Sultan Qaboos University (Oman)

Abstract 3: 

Practicum Script, a clinical reasoning simulator:  Results of an international multicenter experience at the undergraduate level

Pleguezuelos et al.

Practicum Institute of Applied Research in Health Sciences Education (Spain)
Maastricht University (Netherlands)
European Board of Medical Assessors
Imperial College (UK)
University of Exeter (UK)

Abstract 4:

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Awareness in the Postgraduate and Primary Care Population:  A Project Proposal

Ghanem et al.


McMaster University

Abstract 5: 

Development of Clinical Reasoning Protocol for Spinal Treatment Using Accelerated Low Frequency Kinetically Directed Impulses

Moskalyk et al.

McMaster University (Canada)

Abstract 6: 

Informal and Incidental Learning in Complex Clinical Environments:

Papanagnou et al.


Thomas Jefferson University (USA)

The University of Georgia (USA)

Columbia University (USA)

Abstract 7: 

Developing clinical reasoning using virtual patients augmented with clinical decision support

Jay et al.


Edge Hill University (UK)

University of Nottingham (UK)

Abstract 8: 

Instructional Design for virtual patients for clinical reasoning: a systematic review

Jay et al.


Edge Hill University (UK)

University of Nottingham (UK)

Abstract 9:

Team is Brain

Rose et al.


Stanford University (USA)

Abstract 10: 

Analyzing Patient-Physician Communication On Lifestyle Medicine To Promote Mental Health: A Qualitative Study

Bhopa et al.

McMaster University (Canada)

Heading to the Metaverse for our Posters??

About the Conference

Why should you come to the ReThink Conference?

The ReThink conference starts with big ideas, drawing from multiple disciplines - we invite you to join us and explore ways to implement these ideas. Our inspiration was to think innovatively and break away from a traditional discourse about clinical reasoning - for some of us that tradition is steeped in a post-positivist, cognitive psychology paradigm. 

We recognized that a growing concern over rising rates of clinical error was a strong motivating factor for continued education and research on clinical reasoning. However, we also felt limited by what we already know and our own expertise. To break free from these bonds, we decided to create an inclusive space to re-define the problem and innovate new solutions.

What is in store for the day?

On February 16th we will examine some new ideas from innovative thinkers and explore the complexities behind clinical reasoning. This is an opportunity to network with an international audience and share ideas with others who are passionate about clinical reasoning and improving equity in healthcare through knowledge translation and implementation science.

This is a joint program being offered by the McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Office of Continuing Professional Development (Program for Faculty Development), and McMaster Education Research, Innovation, and Theory (MERIT).

Read more about our organizing committee here.

Disclosures: The Office of CPD is currently being supported by SoWork to engage in research and innovation in a partnered relationship. In kind donations have been provide to the Office, but not specifically to this event to engage in this event.