Workshop Abstract

Information Technology (IT)-Assisted Just-in Time Teaching (JiTT) and Faculty Development


Elisabeth Schlegel, Alice Fornari, & Machelle Linsenmeyer.


By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe new IT-assisted JiTT/FD modalities from three schools, including apps, blogs, podcasts, and email enhanced faculty development.

  • Engage with faculty on how to develop or adapt IT-assisted JiTT/FD modalities aligned with home institutions’ culture and needs,

  • Capture ideas to share, educate, and disseminate medical education content through IT-assisted JiTT/FD modalities.

The Problem:

IT-assisted just-in-time teaching (JiTT) and faculty development (FD) require prudent planning to ensure mastery of use and fostering of lifelong learning.

The Approach:

Through goal setting and practice, JiTT tools meet the challenges of geographic distribution and diverse faculty needs within health systems. Learners will:

  1. Explore new IT-assisted JiTT/FD tools such as apps, blogs, podcasts, and email enhanced faculty development.

  2. Share expertise and acquire resources for their home institutions.

Thus, through mastery of use and application, these tools can enhance faculty performance as educators and indirectly impact patient outcomes. Analytics can be used to determine impact and assess usage.

The Instructional Methods:

After “pecha-kucha style” introductions of three unique IT-assisted JiTT/FD modalities/tools, the interactive portions of the session will include breakout groups with sample projects exploring individual tools and templates on how to generate IT-assisted JiTT/FD content. After small-group discussions, groups will report back to the large group, and the instructors will consolidate.