Workshop Abstract

Faculty Development? There’s an App for That


Yusuf Yilmaz, Ruth Chen, Teresa Chan, & Ilana Bayer.

Presenting on behalf of: Aldus Wong.


By the end of this session, participants will:

The Problem: 

Online faculty development is a flexible way to gain new skills and knowledge. Yet, online access to faculty development through mobile applications is not ubiquitous enough to support learning requiring high engagement and connectedness. 

The Gap:

Mobile learning provides a flexible learning platform allowing individuals to learn at their own pace with what little time they have available. Faculty development has not utilized this approach.

The Innovation

We developed a customized mobile app complementary to our Moodle learning management system to allow faculty access to the content and learn on the move.  The app enables faculty to engage and interact with learning resources at their own pace. Our app supports iOS and Android operating systems with a range of devices.

Why Others Should Try This:

Our free resources and online content is ready to be reached at the palm of your hands. By downloading our apps on Apple Store or Google Play Store, faculty can access the resources developed under the MacPFD pillars.  The best part? If you don’t plan to create the app yourself, you can partner with us to add your modules to our system! Reach out to us at macpfd@mcmaster.ca to find out how!