Workshop Abstract

Implementing Trauma-&-Violence-Informed Pedagogical Practices:

To Advance Accessibility & Inclusion in the MSc Occupational Therapy Program at McMaster University


Sandra VanderKaay

Presenting on behalf of: Susan Jack, Michelle Phoenix, & Brenda Vrkljan.


By the end of this session, participants will be:

The Problem: 

Research indicates that experiences of past or current trauma can interfere with learning at all stages of education and can be particularly problematic at the post-secondary level and for learners from equity-seeking groups. 

The Approach:

This presentation will describe research aimed at identifying and implementing universally designed trauma-and-violence-informed practices within the MSc OT program to contribute to excellence in inclusive education at McMaster.

The Take Home Point:

Engaging trauma-and-violence informed pedagogical practices can mitigate the effects of trauma on learning, advance accessibility, and inclusivity, and lead to better learning outcomes.