Workshop Abstract

Measuring Burnout


Melanie Sodka & Sarrah Lal


By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

The Problem

Let's agree that many environments rely on individual and team performance to function. The pandemic has exposed a simple truth: for many individuals who work in such environments (e.g. academia and those pursuing entrepreneurial ventures), maintaining high workloads while sustaining high levels of performance - something we call "high productivity" - is not a long-term strategy. Studies about burnout during the pandemic have noted significant decreases in motivation as well as increased cognitive weariness, emotional exhaustion, and physical fatigue. 

The Gap:

While current literature focuses on pinpointing sources of burnout, environments in which this occurs, and even assessment tools to measure it, there are no assessments that measure an individual's capacity for taking on new initiatives and projects while linking individuals to resources that support improvement in self-awareness and, by extension, self-management. 

The Hook:

We are validating a tool to measure burnout in entrepreneurship and industry populations, with a vision for how this may be used in faculty development in the future. Join us for a conversation about this tool, its implications for educators and learners, and how we may best support each other in our professional and personal environments.