Scholarly Practice

Getting Started with ORCID

by Jack Young, Digital Projects Librarian

Originally posted on June 18, 2020

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) is an open, community-based, non-profit registry of unique author identifiers. Your unique 16-digit ORCiD number links your research output across various online systems, enables accurate reporting of research impact, and ensures you always get credit for your research activities.   

The ability to understand and express the value of your research is an increasingly important skill in today’s research environment.  Technologies like ORCiD are making it easy for researchers to track and report on the impact of their work, giving them a leg up when it comes to securing funding, awards, promotions, and future collaborations. 

By setting up an ORCiD profile and importing your publications, you are taking an important first step to more accurate and efficient reporting of your own research impact.  An up to date ORCiD profile will ensure that you can get the most out of the Health Sciences Library’s vast collection of bibliometric tools that can track everything from citation counts (like h-index) to collaboration networks to media attention. 

This webinar will provide step-by-step instruction on establishing an ORCiD, populating it with your published work, and maintaining your ORCiD profile by linking it to other important tools/systems.

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As the Digital Projects Librarian at McMaster’s Health Sciences Library, Jack is interested in the transformative potential of e-learning in higher education. Whether he’s creating library-centred learning objects, training faculty on the effective use of educational technologies, or conducting practical e-learning research, he is always looking for ways to increase the accessibility and usability of traditional library and university services. With a background in film production, Jack believes that there is always room for creativity and imagination when it comes to e-learning and is excited by all the fresh ideas being brought to the field by fellow library professionals! Additional ORCID workshops can be arranged upon request. Reach out to Jack directly ( for details.