Scholarly Practice

Staying Organized: Research Project Management Infographic 

By Mark Lee, MERIT Research Support, MacPFD Inspired Teaching Member 

Originally Published, July 26, 2020

New to managing a research project? Struggling to navigate multiple projects at once? Here is a quick guide developed for individuals – scientists, project managers, research assistants – managing a research project. It’s divided into 5 main sections, with some useful hyperlinks to webpages and sample organizational templates!

Research Project Management Infosheet.pdf

Mark Lee is a research project support for the McMaster Education Research, Innovation & Theory (MERIT) program, and a sessional instructor with the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program Child Health Specialization at McMaster University. His curiosities has led him to explore a variety of research areas, some of which include: innovation in teaching and learning, clinical reasoning, education science, and child & youth development.