Scholarly Practice

A COVID-19 Guide
for Parents on Faculty

By Clare Wallner (@ClareWallner) and Teresa Chan (@TChanMD)
Originally Published, March 22, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way we are doing work all over the world - with the need to socially distance, all schools and daycares have been shut down in order to prevent the spread of this virus. 

But there is no rest for the academic!  Whether you are an educator, a clinician, a scholar, or a researcher, if you are a parent you are being faced with new “co-workers” (read: children at home) who may be in need of some new “work tasks” (read: homework and activities) themselves. 

While faculty members are all working hard to transition our educational and administrative duties to online formats, many of us are also looking for ways to keep our kids (and ourselves) entertained and engaged.

Here are a few resources for all you academics struggling to find time to "work from home" while your children are right there with you:

This page contains a summary of a few of the regional resources. The ministry will be updating this with time.  The main resources include TVO Kids in English and TFO in French.  They both also offer a number of apps.

A homeschooling resource list. Some of the resources are currently unavailable, like field trips. There are several options for downloadable worksheets and lesson plans.

Check out this list of attractions that offer digital tours! Not quite the same as going on a field trip, but may give you a glimpse into a number of locations you might want to eventually visit with your family.

In addition, several folks are doing their own story times. You can find Josh Gad (the voice of Frozen’s Olaf) reading nightly on Twitter, Flamingo Rampant has morning story time on Facebook.  

This legendary and free learning management system has built progressive learning (through interconnected and progressively harder YouTube videos) into a gamified platform. It can be quite addictive because you win points and badges along the way. Math, spelling, grammar, and other topics has never seemed so fun!

Dr. Clare Wallner (@ClareWallner) is an Emergency Medicine Physician and educator. She is a Clinical Scholar in the Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Medicine at McMaster University. She is currently trying hard to entertain two grown ups, a Grade 2 and a JK.

Dr. Teresa Chan (@TChanMD) is an associate professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Medicine at McMaster University.  She is a national award-winning clinician educator, and has recently taken the role of assistant dean for McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Program for Faculty Development (@MacPFD).   She is also an avid scholar in health professions education and works with the MERIT group (@MERIT_McMaster), and conducts research and scholarship within this area.