Health Venture Program & Course Series

Define, Design, Activate: This Summer, Make Time for Health Entrepreneurship!

June 15 - August 31, 2020

Starting in June 2020, the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine’s Health Venture educational offerings are available as a certificate program (for researchers, clinicians, and graduate students) and a series of one-unit courses (for undergraduate students).

What are the tangible impacts (think: improved experiences, health outcomes) that can be achieved by your work? Whether you are working on a new digital application, device, therapeutic, process, program, or are simply intrigued by how new innovative technologies are created, you are welcome to join.

The Health Venture educational offerings go through three ‘stages’:  

These offerings are taught online through a combination of video modules, self-assessment quizzes, online case-based discussions, and short assignments. Methods used vary by offering and whether learners have a specific project in mind when entering the program.  

Interested in registering or learning more? Find more information below!

OPTION 1: Health Venture Program Certificate Program (June 15 – August 31)

OPTION 2: Health Venture Course Series (June 22 – August 2)


Sarrah Lal , MBA (@SarrahML) is an assistant professor in the Division of Education & Innovation (DEI) within the Department of Medicine. She is a entrepreneurship and innovation expert and directs various educational efforts within the Michael G. DeGroote Initiative for Innovation in Healthcare. Currently she is also the lead of the Leadership & Management team in the McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Program for Faculty Development (@MacPFD).