Creativity & Humanism

MacPFD Open Mic Night

📅 Thursday, December 9th, 2021, from 7-9pm

💻 Delivered Virtually

The Creativity & Humanism pillar is happy to present an OPEN MIC session for all members of the PFD community and health care providers of all kinds! We welcome any creative arts performances including music, poetry, storytelling, photography, dance, puppetry, comedy, and more.

Register to perform or simply to attend and ENJOY. Individuals, or groups, are invited to perform up to two items in 10 minutes, with one ideally related to health care.

Come and share your creativity!


  • Intro & Welcome (5-10 minutes)

  • Series of Short Individual Performances (90 minutes): Individuals or groups are invited to offer up to two performances to a maximum of 10 minutes total.

  • Wrap-Up (15 min): Informal discussion, debrief, and feedback as appropriate.

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the diversity of artistic talent hidden in ourselves and our colleagues.

  • Connect the humanistic side of ourselves through art to our practice of health care.

  • Develop ideas about how to apply the creative arts in their clinical practice.


Conrad Sichler

Dr. Conrad Sichler is a family physician in the Faculty of Family Medicine at McMaster University whose work for the past 20 years has been mostly in the area of mental health and addiction medicine, with an increasing focus on the treatment of trauma. He teaches mindfulness, treats health care providers with addictions, and has been privileged to study with and learn from a number of Anishinaabe elders. He plays guitar and drums, sings, and writes songs.

Sandra VanderKaay

Sandra VanderKaay is an Assistant Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science and a CanChild Scientist. Sandra’s areas of research include clinical reasoning and ethical decision-making in occupational therapy practice, and she collaborates on research regarding tiered approaches to school-based rehabilitation services. Sandra has been a registered occupational therapist since 1996 and has worked primarily in pediatrics.