Coaching & Mentoring


By Robin Mackin (@Robin)Mackin)
Originally Published, March 21, 2020

Finding virtual opportunities to continue mentorship relationships is very important.  Perhaps more than ever before, mentorship is integral to the wellbeing of healthcare workers.  In addition to working through the pre-trauma and trauma being experienced by healthcare providers in the clinical environment, several are experiencing distress about what the future holds. 

As we are publishing this during the COVID-19 pandemic, trainees and senior residents are left with unknowns about their clinical rotations, electives, graduation and licensing exams.  In order to be fully present and manage the current clinical demands, it is important that we are checking in with our mentors.  We have complied a few articles with guidance on facilitation of e-mentorship.

But regardless of the present circumstances, mentorship will always remain a core part of academic medicine. All faculty should be developing themselves to be mentors both to our trainees and to our colleagues. So, along this vein, here are some resources I've curated to help you develop your mentoring skills:

This article provides a review of digital mentorship with strategies to develop a successful e-mentorship.

This article provides a framework for facilitation of ‘mastermind groups’.  A group mentorship model that combines intelligence and accumulated experience with people all over the globe.

A quick read focusing on specific platforms to facilitate e-mentoring using a case example of a trainee and faculty located 100 km from one another.

A quick read with a nice pros and cons section for e-mentoring as it applies to medical professionals.

A nice guide with tips to make e-mentorship successful with suggested roles for the mentee and mentor.

As the title suggests, this is a nice systematic review looking for themes related to e-mentoring. 

Dr. Robin Mackin (@Robin_Mackin) is currently completing an academic fellowship with the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University (@Mac_Peds).  She completed her medical school at the University of Ottawa and her Pediatric residency at McMaster University.  She is concurrently working as a locum Pediatrician at McMaster Children's, Trillium Health Partners and Stanton Hospital in Yellowknife.  She is a passionate clinician educator with an interest in coaching, mentorship, assessment and international education.