Unit 4 | Module 3

The Road to Publication
(from Journal Selection to surviving Peer Review)

In this module you will explore the overall journey that scholars and scientists take to get their work published.

The Scholarly Journey

Getting started in academic scholarship can be challenging. The whole process can be daunting for those who have not engaged in scholarly pursuits regularly. Walking from idea conception through to publication and dissemination can seem like a very long road.

This video serves as a short overview of the scholarly process. Narrated by two experienced scholars, this short video summarizes the scholarly journey in about 10 minutes. While not intended to be comprehensive, this video is meant to pull back the curtain for those interested in starting up a scholarly practice.

Should I go beyond an abstract?

This recent paper in the Canadian Medical Education Journal highlights the gap between conference abstracts and published papers. Take a read to find out what they had to say about developing your recent abstract into a publication.

Story, not Study

This presentation (~1hr) from Dr. Lorelei Lingard speaks about her recently published book and the art of writing your papers.

Read her Writer's Craft series here.

Read the book in the McMaster Library to read the book "Story, not study".

Featured Education Scholars

Dr. Sandra Monteiro is a Faculty of Health Sciences MERIT Scientist appointed to the Departments of Health Research Methods Evidence and Impact, Anesthesiology and Radiology. She has a second appointment to the Centre for Simulation Based Learning as the Assistant Director of Simulation Scholarship. Finally, Dr. Monteiro seconded to Touchstone Institute as the Director of Research and Analysis where she oversees the psychometric analyses of high stakes competency assessments for internationally educated health professionals seeking entry to practice in Canada. With her team at Touchstone Institute, Dr. Monteiro develops research initiatives to understand best practices for assessment and standard setting.

Dr. Teresa Chan (@TChanMD) is an associate professor in the Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Medicine at McMaster University. She is the assistant dean for McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences Program for Faculty Development (@MacPFD). She is an avid scholar in health professions education and works with the MERIT group (@MERIT_McMaster), and conducts research and scholarship within this area.

Suggested Readings:

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