Workshop Abstract

Virtual Professional Development Models

💻 Delivered Virtually

📅May 25, 2021

Larry Hurtubise
Denise Kay
Elissa Hall

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • List four models of virtual professional development models.

  • Discuss the pros and cons of the four models for facilitating virtual communities.

  • Develop a plan for applying a model(s) to the participant’s context.

The Problem:
With the advent of COVID-19, course directors in health professions education were forced to transition to remote teaching with little training in online technologies or pedagogies (1). During the first three months of the pandemic numerous articles were published discussing teaching, learning, and assessment practices. Common themes of the articles were adaptation, innovation, remote delivery, flexibility in the face of a pandemic, and how to continue to educate and graduate competent health professionals (1). However, while in the press of the pandemic workshops focused on leveraging virtual technologies to enable clinician educators to facilitate learning, little research is available to guide professional developers on how to effectively organize and manage ongoing virtual programs and communities (2).

Instructional Methods:
During this interactive workshop, experienced faculty developers will share findings from their literature review of virtual professional development models (3). Focused on four theoretical models (Community of Inquiry, Community of Practice, Professional Learning Network and Online Learning Community). In addition to the literature review workshop facilitators will describe their experiences with the models as well as the pros and cons of adapting them to academic health profession contexts.


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