Workshop Abstract

Bibliometric Indicators

💻 Delivered Virtually

📅May 25, 2021

Jack Young & Jennifer McKinnell

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

The Problem:
The proliferation of bibliometric indicators of research impact makes assessing and reporting the value of your research increasingly complex. 

The Gap:
There are no universal standards of best practice for the use of bibliometric indicators for research impact assessment.

The Hook:
Without standards in place, these types of indicators can be used inappropriately.  This presentation will help make you aware of common ways that these indicators can be misconstrued and discuss important considerations when exploring your own research impact.

The Takeaway:
The true value of your research cannot be boiled down to one or two bibliometric indicators.  Accurate reporting of research impact is a multi-faceted process that requires the careful selection of a range of appropriate indicators based on the specific content and context of your research.