Workshop Abstract

Indigenous Topic Series

💻 Delivered Virtually

📅May 25, 2021

Laura Banfield
Stephanie Sanger

on behalf of Melissa Caza and Louise Caravaggio

By the end of this session, participants should be able to gain insight into how to integrate film and literature on Indigenous topics within safe peer-to-peer learning environments 

My Context:
Within the Health Sciences Library we have been developing an Indigenous Topics Series to identify and address individual and shared knowledge gaps within a safe peer-to-peer learning environment. 

My Development Idea:
Monthly internal Indigenous Topics Series emphasizing inquiry-based self-directed learning.

My Problem that I Have Insights Upon:
The workplace is changing. Curriculum is changing. We are seeing both a bottom-up and a top-down drive for staff development opportunities that explore historical and contemporary Indigenous topics for both professional and personal development. Recognizing demands placed on Indigenous leadership, faculty, and students, we have utilized books, films, and other media, as a means of integrating Indigenous voices and perspectives into our learning experience.