Workshop Abstract

Virtual Simulation 101

Always wanted to learn more about virtual simulation but didn't have the time? This 55-min workshop with provide you with an introduction to simulation and how it might be used in health professions education.

Bingxian Wang, Matt Sibbald, Sandra Monteiro


By the end of this workshop, participants will:

The Problem:

Simulation-based learning and teaching has gained more popularity within the large healthcare education community world wide in the last 10 years. However, there are still some misconception about use of simulation. Educators who are not familiar with simulation tend to think simulation as a piece of technology equipment, or think simulation is only applicable for certain specialties.

Our Approach:

In this short workshop, we will introduce virtual simulation modalities to the audience. We will share the best practice for using simulation, as well as some innovative ways of adopting simulation to support curriculum. Participants will have hands-on opportunities interacting with some task trainers and a full-body manikin. They will have face-to-face conversation time with the simulation experts from the CSBL. We hope the participants will walk away from this workshop having an new understanding of simulation, and be motivated to think how this technique can be used to enhance his/her teaching. 

Instructional Methods:

Small tutorial combined with hands-on activities and role play.