Workshop Abstract

Planning and Conducting Interprofessional Simulation

A team that trains together saves lives together. In this workshop, find out how to enhance your interprofessional simulation experiences.

Kevin Middleton, James Leung, Raman Chahal, Meagan Doyle


The Problem:

Clinicians increasingly appreciate the role of interprofessional education in furthering high-quality, collaborative clinical care.  Despite this recognition and appreciation, many clinicians are reluctant to plan IPE opportunities for their learners due to a sense of not knowing where to start, what to include in an IPE clinical simulation, and how to identify and address core IPE competencies.

Our Approach:

Through our workshop, we will introduce participants to some key considerations for planning and facilitating IPE simulation.  We will define Interprofesssional Education (IPE) and identify what IPE Simulation is.   Using the interprofessional competency framework from the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC), we will explore how IPE competencies can be practiced and evaluated using simulation.  The workshop will conclude with a discussion of key aspects to achieving success during IPE simulation.

Instructional Methods:

This immersive workshop includes a combination of approaches including a didactic portion (minimal), work in pairs, small group work, and large group discussions.  Workshop will use multimedia content (ie. video, Mindnode activity)